In February 2021, during the depths of covid lockdowns, General Projects launched Expressways’ Incubator & Mentorship Programme to support local graduates and students. The programme is designed to give aspiring young entrepreneurs financial assistance at the hardest moment of their careers, as well as placing them at the centre of a welcoming and supportive SME eco-system giving them access to finance, resources, mentors, events and other like-minded people.

After receiving over 50 applications, the Incubator programmes’ first cohort of 18 aspiring entrepreneurs were brought on and provided free workspace within the building. All of the incubees have been paired with a local mentor for business guidance and an opportunity to sound board ideas with an experienced professional

Plans are also underway to host our first Career’s Fair in September 2021 at Expressway, in partnership with local school, the Oasis Academy. Businesses at Expressway will each to host a booth where they can provide career advice to young teenagers, and offer mentoring, internships or other opportunities. We expect 40 students to attend the first fair, with an annual programme expected to benefit over 100 local students in Newham each year.

The programme has been supported by London Borough of Newham and the GLA and was formally launched by the Mayor of Newham earlier this summer.