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March 2019

A day in the life of the future customer

Exploring how one shopper of the future goes about her day reveals exciting possibilities for what’s in store for omni-channel retailing

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March 2019

The high street isn’t dying, it’s going independent

As large chain stores struggle to compete with the rise of online sales, independent and artisan retailers are stepping up to take their place on the high street.

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February 2019

The surprisingly bright future of retail

Six predictions for how we’ll shop in 2019, from embracing IRL stores to ditching Amazon.

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December 2018

Here's how Nike, Alibaba and Walmart are reinventing retail

From shelf-stacking robots to AI fashion assistants, technology is changing how we shop

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November 2018

Nike’s huge new flagship in New York looks like the future of retail

The sneaker giant has an ambitious new goal: Woo people who hate shopping IRL.

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August 2018

"Retail is not dead, but boring retail is dead"

Nike is testing a host of tech-driven shopping features at a new store in Los Angeles, as part of the sports brand's major plans to "disrupt" retail.

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June 2018

Street Life After Retail: 5 Scenarios That Imagine the Future

A visual tour of how e-commerce and digitization might impact city streetscapes — for better or worse.

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May 2018

Retail is Changing

Toxic mass merchants are making brands commoditised hostages in a high-speed chase to the bottom. But a new class of experiential retailers is rising.

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April 2018

Amazon Go Might Kill More Than Just Supermarkets

Supermarkets are community anchors. Amazon’s “just walk out” version embodies a disconcerting social transformation.

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February 2018

Motorway service stations are embracing artisan food

Westmorland Family brought in £92m last year from just two outlets thanks to posh sausage rolls.

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