Technique has been created and delivered to directly challenge growing perceptions of formulaic development in what is London’s most exciting creative location, Clerkenwell.

Combining outstanding design and utilising benchmark, innovative materials to achieve a first class occupier experience. The fully refurbished development offers 74,000 sq ft of best-in-class, modern workspace and retail, over six storeys, to accommodate more than 850 people, as well as 5,000 sq ft of affordable office space dedicated to SMEs.

Our chosen architects on Technique are award winning Clerkenwell experts and old collaborators, BGY. The brief was to redefine and reinvigorate.

The project began with the reinvention of two historic buildings, one a former gin distillery, the other a bank HQ. Both seamlessly stitched together, with a new ‘infill’ building establishing a dynamic new architectural language. Two new floors have been developed above, completing a juxtaposition of ‘old’ and ‘new’. Significantly, the extension is built wholly out of cross-laminated timber, which has reduced carbon emissions by at least 50% when compared to concrete or steel.

The frontage on Goswell Road is dramatised by a new infill that becomes the heart of the project. To introduce the notion of an inspirational experience to the building, the lobby is conceived as an art installation in itself. It conforms a multi-functional space for performance and events to be enjoyed by the building’s occupants and the wider creative community.

In our ambition to seamlessly fuse Art and Architecture, we made sure to bring together the most outstanding creative team, including world renowned and innovative, Italian designer duo, FormaFantasma. Their vision for Technique was a perfect match to our ambition, one characterised “by experimental material investigations. For us, this project is an exciting exploration of issues such as the relationship between tradition and local culture, critical approaches to sustainability and the significance of objects as cultural conduits”.

We believe that the attributes of Technique, intelligently and sensitively marketed, will connect and resonate strongly with those companies with a sophisticated and dynamic global outlook.




74,000 sq ft




£80 million



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