The original founding purpose of this beautiful building is as strong and bold as its architecture. So much so, that our intention has always been to retain and burnish both. Built in 1933, Tower House was the flagship of the Royal Arsenal Cooperative Society (RACS), the largest cooperative in the south east. With their focus on the ideals of locality, fair distribution and prosperity through aggregation, the building quickly became an essential part of the local community. A genuinely vibrant hive of activity.

Our task and focus has been to simply re-activate this spirit. Through a sensitive and restorative design, Tower House has evolved into 25,000 sq ft of creative workspace and experiential leisure. The ground floor, once the entrance of a booming department store, is set to thrive once more as a multi-use space including outlets for independent food and beverage operators, maker spaces and a curated events area. With ceiling heights of up to 4.5m, all spaces are exceptionally light and voluminous. The first floor has been reconfigured as an inspiring workspace that will become home to dozens of local creative SMEs.

We are proud that these affordable and sustainable elements have successfully come together to form a whole new eco-system of SMEs. One that further contributes to and improves the dynamic evolution of the neighbourhood of Lewisham.




23,000 sq ft


Material Works


£8.5 million



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