Our ambition is to redefine what it means to be responsible and sustainable – proving that profit and purpose contribute to one another rather than being a zero-sum game.

Accordingly, we imagined and built a framework initiative to create long-term and meaningful social value to directly benefit our neighbours and those who call our spaces their home. This is our Community Wealth Building Partnership and is not just an idea. It’s real and benefitting local people who live and work in East London and Manchester.

The model is simple and one-of-a-kind. It is wholly designed to deliver local financial benefits and promote an inclusive economy for homegrown businesses, young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. And over multiple projects in our portfolio is set to benefit over 20,000 local residents over the next five years.

Our partnerships are tailored to meet local needs and are always underpinned by expert research. Our programmes places emphasis on delivering social value during construction and operation through a collaborative partnership between local authorities, grassroot organisations, community charities and the private sector.

From construction initiatives that create local jobs, support local businesses first and reduce inequality to operational enterprise that provide free-space for local entrepreneurs, improve local skills or foster full-time employment opportunities, our vision is to ensure our work is always a force for good.

“Never has it been more important for us to operate as we do in nurturing local business, supporting young people and ensuring our projects benefit the whole community, whether that be through our skills and training workshops or in supporting local teenagers in starting their careers.” – Jacob Loftus, Founder & CEO of General Projects.