A commitment to be operationally Net-Zero Carbon across our whole portfolio by 2030 in addition to the supply of energy from 100% renewable sources


Value generated across our social impact partnerships from construction and operational initiatives that include local-first procurement policies, incubator programmes, and the delivery of purpose-built community facilities

70% reduction in CO2

A commitment to at least a 70% reduction in carbon emissions through our retrofit-first approach, use of the low carbon products, and the conscious operation of our buildings

In excess of 10,800 hours of social impact participation and volunteering across our network of projects – equivalent to six full-time staff working for a year to deliver meaningful change


At least 53 tonnes of waste recycled through re-use of existing materials in construction and day-to-day building operations


Over 10,000 tonnes of carbon saved from the atmosphere through adaptive re-use and prioritisation of cross-laminated timber on all projects