General Projects is a contemporary real estate developer. We design and deliver creative, inspiring and experiential buildings for an ambitious new generation.

Actively discovering new places. Forever re-imagining the places we already know. Envisioning not only fantastic buildings but also meaningful change.

New Normal

Commerce and culture are coming under the control of a new, ambitious and radical generation.

Issue driven in their outlook. Empowered by technological change. Motivated by shifting demographics. Inspired to create sustainable progress. General Projects is a part of this movement.

Intelligent Impact

We aspire, beyond all else, to forge places that create many opportunities for cohesion and offer zero limitations for ambition.

We recognise that to properly enrich our users’ experience, we must uniquely connect with culture, actively search for innovation and freely channel creativity.

Always seeking to create social, local and environmental benefits through each and every development.

Yesterday's boundaries are not acceptable

Normal service never resumed


Across all our projects we actively engage with inspirational architects, designers and marketeers.

Because we respect relationships and we value teamwork in each and every endeavour, our work with neighbours, occupiers, landowners and planners is predicated on partnership.

One size doesn't fit all
It fits no one

To optimise value, every option – social, commercial and cultural – is responsibly measured and scrutinised.

However, times change, places change, needs change – so we must change, and this necessitates dedication and determination. Being prepared to decisively navigate, overcome and leverage any challenge.

Everyday Masterpieces

We are proud to have created over one million square feet of modern-life, mixed-use, metropolitan hubs.

Always with a modern, creative and differentiated perspective.

We seek to bring a pioneering and sustainable approach to the re/invention of buildings and their environment.

Positive Vision

Positive Change

Positive Action